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Anonymous: "Since you like beast too, what can you say about their comeback overlapping with btob?"

Sorry for the late reply, anon. Honestly, just good luck to both groups. This is all I can say;)

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Anonymous: "Hii ^^ do you know where I can find any information about BTOB's comeback?"

Hello, anon! I rely heavily on cube’s official announcement. As of now, there’s no fixed comeback date yet. But you can check the btob tag from time to time since fyeah blogs are more likely to post news about btob’s comeback. I’m sorry if this didn’t help you.

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Let’s not lose hope and just keep voting for them;)

I just wanna say thank you for following me. Thank you for sending me nice messages, for helping me when I need your help… just…thank you for everything. ♥

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omg I just saw this:( sorry for the late reply.
I encourage everyone to actively support btob on their comeback activities. If we want them to win, let’s try harder than their previous comeback. Btob was close to getting their first win the last time so everyone please I encourage all of you to take active participation in helping btob get their first win. Nothing is ever impossible if we come together and be united in supporting btob. Let’s push ourselves and try harder ok? Fighting!