24/100 gifs of princess eunkwang (◠‿◠✿

*pretty in pink*

Dear Stellar,

I just really want to thank you for the gift you sent me. You have no idea how much you’ve made me so happy. You are the first ever melody to send me such very special gift and I will always be grateful for it. I was about to leave when I received the package. I wanted to scream when I got in the car after opening it but then my mom was with me. She would think I had gone crazy if I screamed hahaha. Anyway, I just really want to say that you are a wonderful person and I admire you a lot because you’re such a hardworking person. You deserve the attention Eunkwang is giving you everytime you come to Korea (or wherever he might be) to see him. There is just one thing I ask from you. Please take care of your health. It’s so stressful at work so please rest when you can. I don’t want you to get sick especially when you need to see Eunkwang soooooon omg. I’m sorry there’s not much I can do for you but this simple “THANK YOU” post. 

Once again, Thank you so much for the gift. I’m going to treasure it 5ever \0/ God bless you 


Ems unnie^^

1/100 gifs of princess eunkwang (◠‿◠✿)
Anonymous: "Hi! I love your gifs and your love for our leader is so cute :3"

ehehehe thank you so much, anon. idk… i just really love him. no matter how many times i close my blog, i still come back to make dumb gifs of him. ;;_;;